Battery Calculation Sheet

Deep Cycle Batteries – Calculation Sheet

Deep Cycle batteries are designed for specific applications.

It is important to ensure that you have adequate capacity in the battery for the amount of power your application will use (known as Amp Hours). The following battery calculation sheet guide is a great place to start.

By establishing the power consumption of each piece of equipment (usually marked in Watts on the information label of your equipment)…taking into account the number of hours you will utilise the battery power between recharges, and the Voltage of the system you can calculate the Amp Hours that you require.
Battery Calculations

Now that you have calculated the total watt hours for your requirements…divide the total Watt-Hours by the Voltage to obtain the Amp Hours.

498 Watt Hours ÷ 12 Volts = 41.5 Amp Hours

As a rule of Thumb, and because DC electrical systems are not always perfect, one more very important calculation that we suggest.

We strongly recommend that you allow a little extra power in reserve.

Add a safety margin of 30% to your calculation just be safe.

41.5 + 30% Safety Margin (12.45) = 53.95 Total Amp Hours

Now you can purchase the correct Deep Cycle battery for your needs.

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